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Al Kalima   The living word for the Arab world
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Library Project
   To make Al Kalima books available to the general public in as many Arab countries as possible through gifts of books to libraries in educational institutions (universities, colleges and schools), community libraries, and libraries in mosques and prisons.
Why libraries?
   * Al Kalima books are sold all over the Arab world and yet we have touched only a small fraction of potential    readers.
   * Distribution in the Arab world is difficult; it is not possible to order just any book from a local bookshop.
   * Online retailing is in its infancy in the Arab world.
   * Most people cannot afford to buy books, even at subsidized prices.
   * Numerous Arab charities use our books which are made available in this way.
How it works
   A packet of books will be offered to local libraries by a book distributor whom we know in that country. This packet will include most of the Al Kalima titles and a selection of othr quality books from our publisher. So far we have worked in six countries.
Feedback from libraries
"Following your gift of a quantity of valuable books that you donated to the library, I want to respond with sincere thanks and greetings, asking that God Almighty would grant you success in what is good for all humanity.....Without doubt, these modern comparative studies you have presented the library have revealed many truths that have been missing to the scholars and educated people of our age, and perhaps they have brought together the people of many regions concerning the interrelationship of different religions........There can be no doubt that religion is a response to the deep need of humans, since, in addition to its role of reformation, it guarantees absolute values and rules of behavior which provide dignity and human liberty.  Religion is employed as a starting point in forging universal values that make up a foundation for unifying all believers from all religions. If the preceding words can be applied to religion in an absolute sense, they can also be connected more fundamentally to the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which we find to have a stronger shared foundation."

"We would like to express our sincere thanks for the books you have sent to S_ Arabic Culture Centre. We appreciate the effort you have made in publishing in the fields of culture and knowledge. We would welcome any other of your publications that would serve the cultural activity in the S_ district."

"In recognition of his kindness to our educational institution through his praiseworthy efforts benefiting our students, so that our library would be a lighthouse containing valuable books. We also acknowledge 'Dar al-Jeel' Publishing for their assistance in printing and publishing said books."